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Premium VoIP Phone, Messaging, Videoconferencing, remote office, and mobile integration from the cloud, for less money.

Unified Communications

NextPointe makes you feel like you’re in the same office, using video & remote collaboration... even when you are half a world away.


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Crystal Clear Voice

Next-generation Cisco phones and hardware ensure you’ll experience the best quality voice communications & collaboration.

Saves You Money

Your phones arrive as soon as next day and so does your ROI. And with plans starting at $29.99, what are you waiting for?

Loads of Features

Auto-attendant, call-transfer, music on hold, hunt groups, mobile connect and softphones are just a few of the features included.

Latest Technology

NextPointe provides the latest in videoconferencing, remote office, and collaboration solutions.

Unified Messaging

Check your email, fax, and voicemails from one inbox, whether you’re on your desk or on the go, thanks to Cisco’s Unified Manager.

Runs from the Cloud

Say good-bye to expensive PBX equipment and forget about maintenance issues. Just plug your phones to the wall and you’re in business!

Experience the Cisco Difference

With NextPointe, you’re getting the latest in world-class Cisco equipment, from our backend servers and routers to your own phone. This ensures the best possible quality and service, while future-proofing your investment. If you’ve been spoiled working on a Cisco environment – you’ll feel right at home.


 We can finance your phones and videoconferencing equipment.

Our Customers Love Nextpointe

"The phone calls are great, clear calls. We have been using Jabber to send notes around the office and it works well. I was out of the office yesterday at a meeting so I was able to use the Jabber app from my iPhone to retrieve my voicemails and even return a client’s call. Very cool!"

− Tara - Fort Lauderdale, FL

"First of all, let me thank you for a very smooth transition today. It was unbelievably easy. Gives me a lot of confidence in NextPointe as a solution for our clients. I know Andy was a big help, but this is your project and it’s been awesome. "

− Josh - Miami, FL

"I had Cisco in my previous firm and when I decided to start my own firm, a Cisco solution was the most logical choice. Thanks to NextPointe I can enjoy all the features that I previously enjoy without incurring in any major capital investment. Their support is great also; which is refreshing in this industry. "

− Geoffrey - Coral Gables, FL