Quality + Reliability

NextPointe provides the latest and most advanced Cisco hardware and software solutions available today, with ergonomics, workmanship and reliability you must experience for yourself. Our competitors can only resell old and used phones or inferior band-aid solutions.

Crystal Clear Voice

Nothing beats a phone call to clarify things, and NextPointe’s HD voice quality will make you feel like you’re talking in the same room.

Voicemail Everywhere

Listening or forwarding your voicemails is fast and easy. You can also access them via web browser or receive text message notifications!

Hunt Groups

Don’t miss that important call. Easily setup a chain of phones to ring like your mobile or a colleague before it goes to voicemail.

Music on Hold

Become your company’s DJ and make your customers relax and have a good time while they wait with your personal selection of tunes!

Boost Productivity

According to research studies, NextPointe’s integrated solutions show that unified messaging actually saved the average company 43 minutes of productive time per employee every day. That’s what we call a boost in productivity!

Productivity Increase

Unified Messaging

This is what makes the difference between an office and a smart office. Combine video conferencing, remote collaboration using Webex, smartphone connectivity, messaging via phone, pc or mobile device and you have the edge to outdo your competition and succeed.

Mobile Office

Pull out your iPhone or iPad while traveling and call, videoconference, collaborate and send messages. Everyone will swear you were at the office.

HD Videoconferencing

Start your HD quality video conferences at the push of a button. Our competitors can only dream their improvised solutions would work half as good as ours.

Collaboration Tools

Our collaboration tools make you feel you’re working at the same office, from sharing files, allow colleagues to present or record sessions for later.

Centralized Management

Log in and change your settings at any time or from anywhere. Gone are the days of waiting for the “phone guy” to change your options menu.

Runs from the Cloud

Running from the cloud means that we keep all of the servers, routers and controllers that make up your phone system on a remote location, instead of installing the equipment in you office. This is great because it means:

  • No upfront hardware costs
  • No IT maintenance costs
  • Your system runs from a secure location
  • You can add features or start service in a matter of hours

Unparalleled Service

Unlike our competitors who rely in outsourcing service to call centers abroad, our U.S. based support staff is composed of highly trained and certified engineers in IT, telephony and networking, providing truly outstanding service and problem resolution unseen in our industry. To further enhance service to our customers, we provide:

  • Next day service depending on hardware availability
  • U.S. based phone & e-mail technical support
  • Certified professional service monitoring

Financing as low as 3.6%

Whether your starting up your business our plan to expand your operations, financing your purchases is crucial to remain competitive. We understand this, and that is why we provide financing for the latest Cisco equipment to qualifying individuals and corporations for as low as 3.6%.