Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980

Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980

Compatible with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Enhanced with all the best qualities for professional use with features such as Bluetooth 5.1, 24-hour battery life, convenient on-ear call controls, enterprise grade security, and an included premium hard sided carrying case for travel.

Features and benefits
Enhanced features for business
Fitted with all the technology needed for an engaging, high-end audio experience for phone calls, video meetings, and listening to music. Equipped with essential features for professional use and optimized for Webex.

Bluetooth® (5.1)
Connect on the go to any device that supports Bluetooth®. Simultaneously connect 2 Bluetooth® devices plus 1 USB.
Crystal clear communications
The geometrically placed 6 microphones isolate your voice and cancel out background noise using advanced algorithms.

Adaptive active noise cancellation
Tune out the background noise with Active Noise Cancellation, which adapts and adjusts the level of noise canceling based on your surroundings or turn on Transparency Mode to better listen to your surroundings.

Own Voice
Captures and adjusts the volume of your voice, while also filtering out background noises, so that you have a true representation of how you sound during an active call.

Intelligent and easy device management
Manage your headsets, along with all your other Webex devices, from a single platform in either Control Hub or Cisco Unified Communications Manager. No additional software or service fees are required. Enjoy simple IT headset management to deploy, monitor, push new firmware, and troubleshoot issues.