Cisco Finesse

The Cisco Finesse desktop is the web agent and supervisor interface for NextPointe’s Cisco-based Contact Center solution, providing easy access to the applications and information your customer service agents need, through a customizable web-based interface. The Cisco Finesse web client offers smooth integration with third party applications and databases. Standards-compliant, it offers a high level of customization of the agent and supervisor desktops.

The best
Contact Center client

The customer service team in your business or organization can handle thousands of inquiries from customers and prospects every day, and your customer service agents need to respond quickly and efficiently with the information that customers request. When responding to customers, agents constantly switch between applications to search for information. This process takes time; time that your customers spend waiting. The Cisco Finesse client of the NextPointe Contact Center solution meets this challenge by creating a personalized desktop work environment using a web-based interface. The Cisco Finesse desktop provides a single, customizable cockpit that enables your customer care representatives to take advantage of multiple assets and information sources to assist customers.

Fast, efficient, accurate service results delivers satisfied, and loyal customers who will return to do business with you again.
And it also saves operational costs for your business.

Revolutionizing the Contact Center Agent Experience

Browser-based agent desktop for easy management & upgrades.
Designed to empower agents via user-centered design product.
Flexible and Expandable – Finesse is a web gadget container.
Configurable agent and supervisor layouts.
Developer Friendly Web API.

Contact Center made easy

The Cisco Finesse agent and supervisor desktop for the NextPointe contact center platform delivers traditional contact center functions into a thin-client desktop. A critical characteristic is that every desktop is 100-percent browser-based and implemented through a Web 2.0 interface; no client-side installations are required, thus reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The Cisco Finesse desktop also provides a Web 2.0 Software Development Kit (SDK) and gadgets to enable developers to get started quickly with implementing in your environment.

Finesse API Functionality

Finesse Agents Features

Finesse Supervisor Features


Silent Monitoring. Single concurrent session at any given time.
Monitor Manual outbound calls on ACD line.
View only logged-in agents.


Reason Code labels.
Agent call and state history gadget.
Supervisor Level Reporting.
Multichannel Reporting (historical).

The Benefits of Cisco Finesse Cloud Contact Center

Transparent integration

Finesse offers transparent integration with some third party applications and databases and is standards-compliant. It provides a high level of customization of the agent and supervisor desktops through open web 2.0 APIs and facilitates integration of value-added applications.

Traditional functions,
thin-client desktop

Cisco Finesse integrates traditional contact center functions into a thin-client desktop. It implements a browser-based desktop through a web 2.0 interface, no client-side installations required.

Easy access to information

A single, customizable interface or cockpit that offers customer care providers quick and easy access to multiple assets and information sources. This helps ensure faster, more accurate service, resulting in satisfied and loyal customers.

Cisco Finesse
IP phone agent support

Cisco Finesse IP phone agent functionality allows agents to access Cisco Finesse functions, including agent state, ready and not-ready codes, wrap-up codes, and caller data from your Cisco IP Phone.

The best Cloud Contact Center experience delivered to you from NextPointe

Web Chat

In today's modern Contact Center, it is essential to have different ways to connect with your customers. Finesse delivers the Web Chat Option, easy to customize, and adaptable to your Web Site form. Reports in real-time, gives you total control of your operations.

Video Care with Jabber Guest

Revolutionize your projects with the Video Care. Allows customers to contact your agents trough a Video Call. Silent monitoring, recording, and standards reports gives you total control over your operation. Ideal for Legal and Medical Services as an alternative to presence meetings and appointments.
Two way video interaction using Jabber Guest.
Video in queue (non-interactive) using hold step and VoH.
Standard reports for video calls.
Audio only.
Silent monitoring.
Recording with UCM based recording.
Interaction for initial IVR treatment
Intercept, conference and barge in with video requires MCU

Outbound Agent

The Outbounds projects challenge every Contact Center team. Whether you are doing Surveys, Sales, or any other transaction, you will need real-time information, but more importantly, agility and contact capacity. You can have a Predictive or Progressive dialer according to your needs.
Direct Preview, Predictive and Progressive Dialer.
Blended inbound and outbound operations.
Call Progress Analysis on SIP Gateways.
Outbound Activity Reports.
Campaign Management with API support.
Two choices for routing algorithms.
Most Skilled.
Longest Available.
Toaster Audible and Visual Alerts.
Agent Alias.
Real time reports.

Agent Email

With the Email mode, you can have control of your customers interactions. Live and historical data will make your operations decisions easier. Use the skills of your Agents to improve your results and maximize the usage of your resources.


Real-time and Historical reports will give you the information you need to make Operational decisions quickly. Customize Your Dashboard to visualize the indicators of performance that matter to your projects. Highly detailed charts will tell you what's happening every day with your customers.

Cisco Finesse is customizable

Which simplifies the development and integration of value-added applications and minimize the need for detailed desktop development expertise. The Cisco Finesse solution meets this challenge by creating a personalized desktop work environment using a web-based interface. And it saves operational costs for your business.


Call Control Group, Grammar, Prompt and Documents, Trigger.
Agents, Skills, CSQs, Resource Groups, Teams.
Outbound Campaign Management
Get, Create, Modify, Delete.
Import Contacts.
Finesse Desktop APIs.
SocialMiner web chat and search.
Interaction with 3rd party services.

CRM Connectors

Web-based gadget for agent state and call control.
100% browser-based (no client-side installation).
Integration to CCX via Finesse Services REST API.
Flexible screen pops with customer and interaction history.
Sales Cloud and Service Cloudr. Consoler.
Microsoft Dynamics.
CRM 2011 and 2013 Online/On-Prem (web client only).

Third Party Integrations

CRM Integration.
SMS / WhatsApp Integration.
ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and TTS (Text to Speech).

No client-side installations are required since Finesse is 100% browser

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