Cisco Webex Desk Camera

Cisco Webex Desk Camera

Compatible with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Cisco Webex® Desk Camera is a premium USB web camera that provides high-quality video and audio for video conferencing, video streaming, and video recording. It brings superior 4K video, high-quality microphone audio, intelligent AI-based features, and IT device management no matter where you are.

The Webex Desk Camera is a 4K USB desk camera that can be connected to a personal computer over USB and mounted onto an external monitor, laptop, or tripod. It is compatible with all popular meeting or video applications and enables laptop-based video conferencing anywhere. It brings uncompromised video collaboration experience in open and huddle spaces for office users. It is also ideal for working from home users.

The Webex Desk Camera fulfills the following use cases:

Upgrade Video: Upgrades an existing laptop camera to a high-quality 4K video for heavy video and meeting users.
Instant Office: Office or home working users with laptops docked to an existing independent monitor. Webex Desk
Camera provides: Outstanding 4K video and superior dual microphones, more akin to room video and audio standards.
Creation and Broadcast: For users broadcasting or creating essential video content who need a quality camera.
Online Education: Students and teachers who need to join online classes do not have access to a room or desk system.

Powered by the Cisco Webex® platform, the Webex Desk Camera is a fully managed IT asset with centralized device management and insights. It also offers a Webex Desk Camera app for Windows or macOS users to do professional camera settings, firmware upgrades, and troubleshooting.