NextPointe and Litify, a smart move!

Built upon CRM, Litify adapts the best platform technology to the unique nuances of the legal industry. Add NextPointe VoIP services for Litify and take your Law Firm to the next level of digital transformation.
Make all the interactions with customers from the same client access point to every part of your business so you can work together toward delivering a better service.

The Litify Platform

The best all-in-one platform enables lawyers to standardize and manage every aspect of their business from one interface.

Litify delivers a complete solution to boost any legal industry, and flexible, powerful, and with many integrations.

Built for Lawyers, Litify is the platform that all legal business needs.

The Salesforce Legal wrapper that you need. There’s no need to spend time and money on complex customization.

Manage your data, and start talking with customers and colleagues from one platform.


Call & Collaboration Capabilities

Document Generation

Matter Management

Document Management

Intake Management

Referral Network

Timekeeping & Billing

Email Management

NextPointe and Litify complete the process of every Legal Firm
Matter Management, Document Management, Email Management, Timekeeping & Billing, and Phone service with recorded calls gives your business a new level of control.

The most powerful tool for Law Firms!

Having the phone system integrated to Litify will allow your team access to multiple features that will make your business jump to the next level of Digital Transformation:

Agent State control

Real-time data

Supervisor profile

Call recording

Pop Up window with the information of the customers who are calling

Dial phone calls directly from a Litify record

Customizable toolbar with additional functionalities

And more!

A CRM with Voice capabilities
It will give your business a lot of benefits

Don't switch between applications and save time, making your agents' workflow easier to handle
Compatible with Work From Home (WFH) applications
No additional hardware is required for the voice implementation
Track agent availability and interactions with a complete reporting tool
Recording every call will give you a new level of control

Enjoy the ultimate technology with NextPointe and Litify!

Create custom detail cards

Keep a record of each interaction with your customers

With the NextPointe integration, Litify allows you and your team to track every interaction you have with your customers. You can track Calls and emails, giving you total control of your cases.
Create custom detail cards

Create custom detail cards

Keep the most relevant and important information to improve the customer's journey.

Activity Sync will make your life easier

Litify will automatically associate all clients' interactions and tasks with activity sync, allowing your team to work together as one, everybody in the same direction.

Save Emails Directly to Litify

From the Litify Inbox sidebar, save essential emails to any record in Litify, with intelligent suggestions based on the displayed email address. Litify can auto-save future communications in the email thread to the same record, so you always have the latest update in Litify.

Matter Management

Standardize case management and ensure best practice legal representation across your organization.

Customize To Support Every Case Type

Create matter plans specific to every case type and area your team practices. Modify processes, sequences, and templates to support your team as they evolve.

Differentiate and track billable hours

Use the integrated timer or manually enter time. You can manage billing rates and discounts by party.

Generate New Invoices

Build invoices in Litify with Docrio. Create multiple bill templates and easily merge time entries and other Litify data or generate new invoices on the fly.

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