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What is IVR?

IVR is a telephony technology that allows customers to interact whit the company’s services system through configurable voice menus in real-time, using DTMF tones or voice recognition technology.

What does it mean IVR?

Interactive Voice Response.

Benefits of use IVR

  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Improve the customer’s experience.
  • Customers are immediately directed to any department that can best answer your question.
  • The conversational IVR understands the client’s indications and processes them without resorting to a previously structured logic simulating the conversation with a human agent.
  • Why do you need it?

  • Resolve and manage different requests without having to talk whit an agent.
  • Automation Solutions.
  • Effective call routing.
  • Let your callers talk to you IVR using Artificial Intelligence (AI) without having a complicated IVR menu

    Conversational IVR

    Natural Language Understanding

    • Leveraging natural language understanding technology to allow free-speech everyday language inputs from callers
    • IVR destinations (contacts, departments, and sub-menus) seamlessly determined from spoken inputs
    • Guided dialogue as a built-in fallback or for self-service dialogue elements


    Give your customers an experience they will love

    Automate caller voice requests using state-of-the-art Voice Recognition
    Flexible call flows and easy optimization of voice requests handling
    A solution that combines Voice AI & telephony capabilities, allowing instant deployment and operation
    Support for unlimited voice entries, making sure no voice request is missed
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    Al-based Voice Recognition engine allows your callers to use everyday speech while eliminating the need for complex call menus and DTMF IVR navigation


    Increase Costumers Experience

    Let your customers enjoy and unique and different experience through a dynamic IVR




    UCAAS, Contact Center, WEBRTC, SIP Trunk, and more

    Let your customers experience the newest IVR technology whit NexPointe’s intelligent IVR powered by VOCA

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