Configuration Management Service for Cisco Collaboration and Networking Products

Growing network complexity and more stringent government regulations focused on privacy, security and corporate control over data are forcing organizations to create and maintain more secure, accountable network environments. By applying a process-oriented approach, robust tools and a knowledgeable staff , NextPointe Managed Services delivers a seamless Configuration Management Service to simplify configuration tasks across your Cisco Collaboration environment and Network.

Discovering, Automating & Managing

NextPointe’s Managed Services offers businesses of all sizes a comprehensive solution to discover, automate and manage configurations on routers, switches and firewalls from Cisco. Once our professionals have discovered your network, set up standard configuration templates and loaded your compliance standards and policies, our team will manage your configurations 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to ensure the highest possible service availability and simplify compliance with regulatory mandates.

Creating Stable, High-Performing Networks

Nextpointe’s Managed Services brings discipline and organization back to networks by maintaining a current and historical view of device configurations in a secure, online database; tracking, detecting and notifying you of changes; propagating requested configuration changes and iOS updates; and monitoring for policy violations to ensure the device configurations comply with your pre-defined policies and standards. With this service, NextPointe will utilize your change management processes to ensure network configuration changes don’t take your Cisco devices down, and provides rapid recovery in the event they do.

Reduce Configuration Errors with NextPointe

Automated nightly backups with configuration rollback capabilities eliminate unnecessary downtime by allowing you to quickly repair unauthorized or failed network configuration changes and rapidly configure replacement units.

Real-time change notifications give you more control, instant visibility and improved security by allowing you to quickly respond to unauthorized, unscheduled or erroneous changes.

Automated compliance auditing and policy violation detection ensures configurations comply with federal regulations and internal standards.

Side-by-side comparisons allow you to easily compare configuration files between two devices or compare the running and startup configuration files for a single device for simplified troubleshooting.

Bulk change management reduces the occurrence of configuration errors.

Automating, organizing and standarding configurations improves IT efficiency and effectiveness while increasing overall network availability.

NextPointe’s highly intuitive web interface allows you to easily visualize the health and status of your network device configurations.


Fault Management Service for Cisco Collaboration and Networking Products

By applying the proper network management tools, expertise and processes to your Cisco voice and data infrastructure, faults can be proactively identified and quickly resolved. The Fault Management Service offered by NextPointe provides companies with a 24/7 remote monitoring and management solution to support the full portfolio of routing and switching products from Cisco.

Accurate, Timely Problem Resolution

With NextPointe’s Managed Services , dedicated network management professionals work as an extension of your staff to proactively monitor your critical network components 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. Problem diagnosis and remediation procedures are initiated immediately when a network issue occurs. Within minutes, our professionals will isolate the problem, notify you and engage the necessary resources to resolve the problem. And, as part of our service, NextPointe will manage your problem through resolution - managing your carriers and third-party maintenance providers to ensure accurate and timely resolution of problems.

Proactive Management for Your Network

With today’s networks supporting multiple technologies including data, voice, video, and wireless, as well as a wide variety of applications, network availability is more crucial than ever before. NextPointe’s Fault Management Service verifies the availability of your critical network components around-the-clock resulting in maximum network availability, lower costs and increased productivity.

Information to make the Difference

As a Fault Management customer, you will receive complete visibility into your network through our secure web portal. NextPointe’s portal allows you to view the status of your network in near real-time and gives you the ability to drill-down to view specific network components. Additionally, regular reports delivered directly to your inbox on a weekly and monthly basis will allow you to quantify your daily, monthly and yearly downtime and even pinpoint the causes.
Given the complexity of today’s networks, NextPointe will simplify your tasks by rapidly identifying and pinpointing the root cause of problems, coordinating with other vendors or carriers, as necessary, and verifying final resolution. This releases your IT resources to focus on projects that support your company’s strategic vision and direction.

Improve Your Network Availability with NextPointe

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring reduces downtime by setting remediation activities in motion the minute a problem arises.
  • Comprehensive vendor management delivers faster resolutions.
  • Advanced diagnostic and management tools allow NextPointe to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and eliminate the finger-pointing associated with network outages.
  • Access to real-time status information through NextPointe’s secure web portal increases your visibility into your network with graphical network maps, current and historical event logs, and on-demand reports.
  • Detailed fault reports delivered to your inbox on a regular basis allow you to quantify your daily, monthly and yearly downtime and even pinpoint the causes.

Performance Management Service for Cisco Collaboration and Networking Products

Constant availability, high service quality and unparalleled reliability are required to support the broad range of business-critical applications operating on today’s networks. By monitoring performance statistics, gathering performance data and providing recommendations based upon trending and analysis, NextPointe Managed Services, helps customers quickly detect, diagnose and resolve performance problems and outages within their Cisco® environment - often before users can report an issue.

Optimize Your Network
Performance with

Rapid identification of bottlenecks and performance degradation enables remediation activities to begin before an outage occurs and users are affected.
Monitoring for intermittent, but chronic performance issues, allows action to be taken to correct problems and delivers a more reliable network experience for users.
Detailed performance statistics displayed in NextPointe’s secure web portal provide increased visibility into the network and can be extremely valuable in the network planning and budgeting process.
Performance trending and usage information allows you to adjust your operations, optimize quality and manage facilities to reduce and control the overall cost of ownership.
Detailed analysis and recommendations provided by NextPointe’s principal engineers deliver valuable insight from specialized resources trained in the design and optimization of complex multi-vendor networks.
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