Telemedicine Solutions

The delivery of remote healthcare services using NextPointe's technology has never been easier and securer. You can connect from any device; a PC, Mac, Smartphone, or iPhone to provide your patients with the latest communication technology features.

On top of this, our Telemedicine UC tools are affordable and easy to use. Your patients don't need to install complicated apps.

Expand your services using NextPointe Telemedicine 

With the NextPointe Telemedicine solution, your patients will have access to your service by simply clicking a URL, website link, QR Code or mobile application to start the interaction

Connect with your patients in three easy steps

Our data transport is HIPAA Compatible*

Avoid limiting your operations due to mobility restrictions with the synchronous NextPointe Telemedicine service. 

There are many reasons to use NextPointe Telemedicine:
  • Share information and files
  • Schedule your sessions in one place
  • Connect using any device
  • There's no need to buy a license
  • And more!

*Covered under HIPAA Conduit Exception Rule. Business Associate Agreement (BAA) must be signed between NextPointe and Customer. Call Recording, voicemail and other logging features not available to ensure compliance.

Virtual Medicine has many benefits


Slow the risk of spreading infections

Using virtual care as an option decreases the number of sick patients sitting together in a waiting room

Increase the capacity to attend to more patients

Reducing the cancellations ratio and increasing the attention time allows the providers to schedule more appointments

Streamline the user experience with instant, real-time communication that is as easy as opening a webpage. Guest users do not require an account, password, or registration

Plans start at $49.99 per month


A light and helpful menu for the patients

Our solution offers an outstanding experience with a a straightforward menu. Easy to use but full of options:

  • Keypad: Dial numbers whenever is required.
  • Full Screen: If the patient wants an immersive experience during the session.
  • Mute/Unmute: To control how the patient wants to use the microphone.
  • Video: To turn on or off the camera.
  • Self-view: To change the view of the patient.
  • Share: this will allow the patient to share documents or their screen with the provider.
  • End Call: To finish the session.

Use NextPointe Telemedicine on any device! 

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