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We know that choosing your next videoconferencing system can be overwhelming—from features and options to service and support. At NextPointe, we make it easy. We offer the latest in world-class equipment, from our back-end servers and routers to your own videoconferencing solution. This ensures the best possible quality and service while future-proofing your investment. And we take care of everything, from scope and design to installation and support. Call NextPointe and start talking today.

Your next videoconferencing solution

NextPointe makes you feel like you’re in the same office, using video and remote collaboration even when you’re half a world away. Features include:
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No IT staff needed

There’s no need to have dedicated IT staff set up the call for you.
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Connects to any videoconference system

NextPointe’s video and remote collaboration solution can be connected to any system, whether it requires an IP or SIP address, URL or URI.
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Anyone with a PC, webcam or mobile device can call you

If a caller doesn’t have a videoconferencing solution of their own, they can still call you.
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Support multipoint calls

Do you expect more than one person in the call? No problem. NextPointe will bridge them for you.

Videoconferencing from any place any device

This is what makes the difference between an office and a smart office. Combine videoconferencing; remote collaboration using Webex; smartphone connectivity; messaging via phone, PC or mobile device and you have the edge to outdo your competition and succeed. Features include:
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Mobile office

Pull out your iPhone or iPad while traveling and call, videoconference, collaborate and send messages. Everyone will swear you were at the office.
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HD videoconferencing.

Start your HD-quality videoconferences at the push of a button. Our competitors can only dream their improvised solutions would work half as well as ours.
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Collaboration tools

Our collaboration tools make you feel you’re working at the same office, from sharing files to allowing colleagues to present or record sessions for later.
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Centralized management

Log in and change your settings at any time or from anywhere. Gone are the days of waiting for the “phone guy” to change your options menu.

Meet face to face. Wherever you are.

Video conferencing is as simple and seamless as meeting in person. With the Webex mobile app, you can meet absolutely anywhere. Hosting is easy and joining is easier—simply click on your link to join. You can even learn about the people you’re meeting for the first time, with instant access to participants’ background and company

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  • Geoffrey
    "I had Cisco in my previous firm and when I decided to start my own firm, a Cisco solution was the most logical choice. Thanks to NextPointe, I can enjoy all the features that I previously enjoyed without incurring any major capital investment. Their support is great also, which is refreshing in this industry."
    Coral Gables
  • Josh
    “First of all, let me thank you for a very smooth transition today. It was unbelievably easy. Gives me a lot of confidence in NextPointe as a solution for our clients.

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