Modern businesses need modern
communications to thrive

Technology can — and should — improve business communications. Small businesses need quick, agile communications systems that easily meet all their needs. Today’s customers want low prices and instant gratification, whether you're a 2 or 200-person shop. Therefore, a small business requires the same infrastructure as their larger competition. Nextpointe’s offers to small and medium-sized businesses in particular, modern communications technology that enable you to:

Compete on equal terms with much larger businesses.

Grow without having to invest heavily in new offices, hires, resources and equipment.

With cloud services, you can focus on growing your business, not your phone systems.

Why ?

Reduce Costs

Say goodbye to the maintenance costs and endless capital investments your PBX hardware requires. With NextPointe’s VoIP Phone Services, you pay a predictable, monthly fee.

Leave Maintenance to the Experts

CFO, IT manager, President,you already wear too many hats. NextPointe’s VoIP Phone Services gives you a single point of contact who manages and maintains all your phone, video conferencing and collaboration needs.

Scale to Size

If you plan on growing your business, you can add and subtract licenses to reflect the demand you need to support. Easily grow or shrink your number of seats with NextPointe’s VoIP Phone Services. This really comes in handy if your staff size fluctuates by season.

Look Big, Pay Less

Give your business the same modern, professional contact center capabilities as your big-box competitors. With NextPointe’s VoIP Phone Services you can have auto attendant, web chat, call routing, reservationless hd voice and web conferencing, and more.

Avoid Downtime

If a fire, flood, or natural disaster strikes, your business won’t suffer from downtime with NextPointe’s VoIP Phone Services. Receive levels of reliability, resilience and security that can be very costly to replicate on your own. These include redundancy, failover and “five nines” availability.

Stay Current

With a NextPointe’s VoIP Phone Services, you automatically get the latest, up-to-date software, without expensive upgrades.

Work Mobile

Your customers go for their mobile device first. Make sure you do too. With NextPointe’s VoIP Phone Services, meet with vendors, contact customers and collaborate with colleagues from any place, with any device, from only one number.

A cloud solution that fits your needs

Our platform enables your teams, locally or around the world, to collaborate like if they were on the same Conference Room.



Service you can trust

NextPointe Hosted PBX makes it easy to move to the cloud at your own pace by bringing all the functionality you need together for calling and collaboration in one simple package. Deploy as cloud-only, or as part of a mixed network of cloud and on-premises PBXs, depending on your business requirements


Turning Hosted VoIP into smarter collaboration

NextPointe Hosted PBX is making it possible for you to grow to your expectations, with less complexity in communications and more dynamic ways to collaborate using new cognitive calling capabilities. Find out why NextPointe Hosted VoIP Service is more secure, more scalable, and more ready to serve your future business needs than your existing on-premises PBX infrastructure. Our VoIP service is based from Miami and we serve South Florida as well as International Locations. 


Why you should switch to

Cloud Communications

Traditional on-premise phone systems no longer match the needs of today’s modern businesses. We are now living in the age of Cloud Communications. NextPointe, allows you to:

Expand your opportunities.

Ensure seamless experiences.

Work smarter, anywhere.

Stay ahead with the latest technology.

Reduce your risks.

Free up time.

We finance your purchase for the latest Cisco equipment to qualifying individuals and corporations for as low as 4.9%

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Webex Meetings

Connect to any Video conference, do screen sharing, Instant messaging and other great features without the need to invest in complex on-premise solutions. You will be able to attend all you meeting without being in person.

Jabber App

Constant changes in your daily schedule should not affect productivity. With the Jabber App you can receive, make audio and video calls and join meetings from you mobile device regardless of where you are. All in real time.

Jabber App is compatible with Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows

Outfit your office with next-generation Cisco phone systems for a fraction of the operating cost

Full Cisco experience & quality that works

Full HD video conferencing with mobile integration

Runs in the cloud (no servers or “IT” guys to worry about)

Phone financing as low as 4.9%

Full service plans start at $20 per user

Long distance, local numbers & tons of options

Crystal Clear Voice

Next-generation Cisco phones and hardware ensure you’ll experience the best quality voice communications & collaboration.

Check your email, fax, and voicemails
from one inbox

Whether you’re on your desktop or you're mobile, thanks to Cisco’s Unified Manager.

Runs from the Cloud

Say good-bye to expensive PBX equipment and forget about maintenance issues. Just plug your phones to the wall and you’re in business.

Loads of Features

Auto-attendant, calltransfer, music on hold, hunt groups, mobile connect and softphones are just a few of the features included.

How can we help you?

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